Lake Villa Township, covering approximately 26 square miles, was incorporated in 1913. The population as of 2012 was estimated to be 40,317. Our rolling countryside, many lakes, parks, forest preserves and mature woodlands offer numerous recreational opportunities. Five village boundaries extend into Lake Villa Township and the unincorporated area has approximately 37 active homeowner associations.

The township government is established and empowered to perform certain governmental functions as directed by the State Constitution and Legislature.

Lake Villa Township is a municipal corporation organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing its residents with the following services,

  1. Road and Bridge Maintenance and Construction
  2. Property Assessment
  3. General Assistance and Emergency Assistance
  4. Snow Removal
  5. Community Building
  6. Notary Services
  7. Voter Registration

The township is organized into two (2) separate chief executive officers, namely the Supervisor and Highway Commissioner.  The organizational charts shown on Tables I and II demonstrates the relationship of the various office of township government.  The Supervisor is the ex-officio Treasurer of the Road District.  The Highway Commissioner can act solely or in concert with the Board of Township Trustees.  The Clerk serves as record keeper for both the Township and Road District.

The township offices (Town Hall) are located at 37908 N. Fairfield Road, Lake Villa, Illinois.  The following is a listing of facilities owned by the Township and Road District.

  • Lake Villa Township Town Hall
  • Lake Villa Township West Campus – 37850 N. RT 59, Lake Villa, IL
  • Tiny’s Park – 37925 N. Fairfield Rd., Lake Villa, IL
  • Dering Park
  • Sand Lake Beach and Boat Launch
  • Lake Miltmore Beach and Boat Launch
  • Peacock Camp