General Assistance is perhaps the most important and the most visible program for which the Township Supervisor is responsible.  Guidelines for administering General Assistance to township residents are very precise within Illinois law.  Financial eligibility is determined by nonexempt assets and currently available nonexempt income.

In addition to verification of financial need, state law requires that any individual requesting assistance must reside in the respective township, be ineligible for or not receiving “Categorical Assistance” and follow the mandated guidelines for finding and accepting suitable employment as quickly as possible.                 

Persons who qualify for General Assistance will be placed on the Township Workfare Program, if applicable, at an hourly rate based on minimum wage to offset the grant amount. The objective of the Township Supervisor is to help the individual become independent and return to the work force as quickly as possible.  The Township Supervisor is also familiar with other agencies where applicants can secure additional benefits and directs them accordingly.  Unfortunately there are times when Township General Assistance must be denied even though the need is obvious and severe, but the applicants do not meet the requirements set forth by the State of Illinois. 

It is the goal of Township Emergency Assistance Programs to provide temporary, emergency funds for persons who qualify.  This will enable them to better provide shelter, utilities, food, personal and household needs for themselves and their immediate families in the most timely fashion while preserving their dignity. 

Applicants for assistance are required to submit a written application followed by an interview with the township supervisor.