Fire District Board Meetings

The Lake Villa Township Board appoints the three Trustees of the Fire Protection District Board.  The Fire Protection District Board is responsible to see that their community has adequate fire and rescue services within the scope of the laws of the State of Illinois.  It is their responsibility to learn the position and to know the laws and regulations governing the district’s operations.  The Trustees are responsible to the community for providing fire and rescue services to the citizens, to utilize the resources of the community in an efficient and reasonable manner, and to keep the citizens informed of the condition of their Fire Protection District.  In addition, they have the responsibility to the fire fighters and officers of the fire department:

  • To provide an organizational structure that allows the department to carry out its goals.
  • To provide the tools, equipment, and apparatus  necessary for the fire department to provide the expected level of service.      
  • To provide a reasonably safe work situation
  • To see that the department is adequately trained.
  • To provide a means for communication between the fire department and the Fire Protection District Board.