Food Pantry

The Township Food Pantry is supported by Township Residents, churches, youth groups, schools, community and civic organizations.  Although we are not equipped to supplement food allowances on an ongoing basis, recipients may receive support two times per month.

Food orders are available to township residents who may have been burdened with other expenses that are imposing a financial hardship on their budgets.  Anyone requesting our help may receive food on a temporary basis until their situation improves.  

Food Baskets distributed over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays to townshhip residents in need are prepared from the food that is donated to the food pantry.  Many groups and individuals have been of great assistance in this community wide project by organizing food drives during the holiday season.  If you need a basket or know of anyone needing a basket, please call the Supervisor’s Office at 847-356-2116.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP… Donations of frozen turkeys or hams, fruits and vegetables are greatly appreciated and accepted during the holiday season.  Canned goods, cereal and boxed food items along with paper and plastic bags for the food pantry are welcome year round.   

RECYCLE GROCERY BAGS: We gladly accept paper and plastic grocery bags for use in the food pantry and distribution of food orders.
The food pantry is located in the township offices at 37908 N. Fairfield Rd. and is open Monday – Thursday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm.