Lake Villa Township Park

THE LAKE VILLA TOWNSHIP PARK commonly referred to as “Caboose Park” is the largest of the township parks and houses the township offices. Caboose Park’s main attraction is a real Soo Line train caboose on tracks. 

The park has a primary age children’s section that offers a variety of toys and playing areas.  A large sandbox measuring 27 feet by 42 feet contains digging toys and a parent’s observation bench.  A sand area is home to a “fossil find”.  Various spring toys, monkey bars, merry-go-round, swings, slide, and a combination unit are also located in the area.

The park has three pavilions equipped with picnic tables and grills that are available for rent to township residents.  A volleyball, horseshoe court and grill are included with each shelter.  Two full sized Tennis Courts, three Baseball Fields, a Football Field, Basketball playing area and a Sledding Hill are also in the park.