Mosquito Abatement

“Mosquitoes bite us.  They are a nuisance and sometimes a health threat.  But, just like ants at a picnic, they will always be around during the summer.  Past mosquito abatement efforts in northeastern Illinois and Lake Villa Township have been to address the NUISANCE aspect of mosquitoes as opposed to disease control.”  This is a quote from a report prepared by your Lake Villa Township Lakes and Environment Committee and it pretty well summarizes the situation. 

What can be done other than larvaciding and adulticiding?  Each property owner can help control some of these pests.  If everyone helps, we could get as much, if not more control than a comprehensive commercial program for mosquito control.

Fact: A significant portion of the township cannot be treated or sprayed by a commercial applicator to control mosquitos.  This includes private property and forest preserve property.

Fact: If all the surrounding communities for miles around do not administer a comprehensive program at the same time, very little benefit to one community will be received.  Mosquitos travel and spraying in one area is only a temporary cure.

Fact: If the breeding places for mosquitos are eliminated, there will be no mosquitos.

How can we help?  First look around your property and find all the places where water tends to sit for extended periods of time.  You might be surprised how many places there are.  For example, did you know that you can have standing water in your gutters, especially those which do not drain properly because they have leaves or other debris in them.  Low spots in gutters also cause water to stand.  Old tires or containers can hold water and provide significant surface for the proliferation of these pests.  Low spots in your yard or ditches where water tends to stand for several days after a rain can be ideal breeding places.  Toys left laying in the yard can hold water and bird baths which are not attended to frequently can turn into an ideal breeding places for mosquitos.  Eliminate the standing water.  In other words, make sure you remove items which can hold water and adjust terrain so that water always flows and does not stand.