Park Ordinance


This document contains the regulations governing the use of the Lake Villa Township owned parks, beaches and boat launches on Lake Miltmore and Sand Lake. Also incorporated are existing rules set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act.

All the following regulations have been formulated with the intent of providing clear and concise rules for all residents in Lake Villa Township who choose to utilize the existing parks, beaches and boat launches. The purpose of these rules is to promote:

  • the safety of all users;
  • courtesy among neighbors and neighboring properties;
  • enjoyable places to live and play in Lake Villa Township;
  • protection of our resources in order to preserve these valuable assets for future generations.

This ordinance will be reviewed and revised when necessary as determined by the Town Board.


This Ordinance shall be known as the Lake Villa Township Parks Ordinance.


The following terms shall have the meaning given herein. When not inconsistent with the context, words used in the present tense include the future; words in the plural number include the singular number and words in the singular number include the plural number.  The word “shall” is always mandatory and not merely directory. 

1. “Township Park”: The following properties all hereafter owned or operated by the Township of Lake Villa and designated as Township Parks.

      •       Caboose Park, 37908 N. Fairfield Road, Lake Villa
      •       Sand Lake Boat Launch, 20666 W. Verona, Lake Villa
      •       Lake Miltmore Park, 20959 W. Genoa, Lake Villa
      •       Lake Miltmore Beach, 36745 N. Nathan Hale, Lake Villa
      •       Lake Miltmore Boat Launch, 21033 W. Paradise Lane, Lake Villa

2. “Town Board”: The Board of Trustees of Lake Villa Township.

3. “Designee”: The person designated by the Town Board to administer Township Parks.

4. “Park”: A playfield, pool, pond, recreation center or any other area or facility devoted to active or passive recreation.

5. “Person”: Any person, firm, partnership, association,  corporation, governmental unit, company or entity or organization of any kind.

6. “Vehicle”: Any wheeled conveyance, whether motor powered or self-propelled. The term shall include any trailer of any size, kind or description in tow. “Vehicle” does not include baby carriages, wheelchairs and service vehicles used in connection with any Park.

7. “Powerboat”: Any motorboat, jetski, waverunner, or watercraft powered by a motor.

8. “Resident”: Any natural person who actually resides in Lake Villa Township more than 180 days per year.

9. “Seasonal Resident”: A person who does not reside in Lake Villa Township more than 180 days per year although owns residential property.


No Person Shall:

1. Deface, disfigure, tamper with or displace or remove park property.

2. Dig or remove any beach sand, whether submerged or not, or any soil, rock, stones, down-timber, or other wood or materials, or make any excavation by tool, equipment, blasting, or other means or agency.

3. Damage or remove any tree or plant in any Park.

4. Construct or erect any building, structure or wiring of any kind, whether permanent or temporary without a written permit from the Board.

5. Cause any unsanitary condition in any restroom facility.

6. Hunt, molest, harm, chase, or trap any animal or wild life.

7. Throw, discharge, or otherwise place or cause to be placed in any park waters (including storm sewers or drains) any substance, matter or thing, liquid or solid, which will or  may result in the pollution of said waters.

8. Dump, deposit or leave any bottles, broken glass, ashes, paper, boxes, cans, dirt, rubbish, waste, garbage, construction debris, or other trash in the Park.

9. Fail to comply with all applicable provisions of any Governmental Motor Vehicle Traffic Laws in regard to equipment and operation of vehicles.

10. Fail to obey all traffic officers and park employees who are authorized and instructed to direct traffic.

11. Fail to observe all traffic signs and traffic control signals.

12. Drive any vehicle on any area except the paved park roads or parking areas.

13. Park in any restricted area.

14. Leave any vehicle unattended in any park more than 24 hours.

15. Change any parts or make repairs or perform maintenance functions of any kind to any vehicle, except as necessary to remove such vehicle from the Park.

16. Ride a bicycle in any Park.

17. Use or operate any snowmobile in any Park.

18. Bring into, possess or consume alcoholic beverages in any Park without written Board approval.

19. Bring into any Park, possess, consume or use any illegal  substances.

20. Bring into any Park, possess, use, or set off or otherwise cause to explode  or discharge any firecrackers, explosives or inflammable  materials.

21. Bring any animals into any Park.

22. Solicit for contributions for any purpose whether public or private, without prior written Board consent.

23. Build or attempt to build a fire except in such areas and under such regulations as may be designated by the Town Board.

24. Enter an area posted as “Closed to the Public”.

25. Gamble or participate in any game of chance unless a written permit has been obtained from the Board and any other applicable governmental authority.

26. Go onto the ice on any of the pond waters on township property except such areas as are designated as skating fields.

27. Engage in loud, boisterous, threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting language or engage in any disorderly conduct or behavior.

28. Disturb or interfere unreasonably with any person or party occupying any area pursuant to a permit.

29. Fish within 50 feet from any area designated a swimming area or boat launching area.

30. Launch or operate any boat within 50 feet from any area designated as a swimming area.

31. Use, carry or possess firearms of any description, or air  rifles, spring-guns, bow-and-arrows, slings or other forms of   weapons.  Shooting into park areas from beyond the park boundaries is forbidden.

32. Take part in any game involving thrown or otherwise propelled  objects such as stones, arrows, javelins or lawn darts, but not including balls.

33. Expose or offer for sale any article or thing, or place any stand, cart, or vehicle for transportation, sale or display of  any such article or thing, without obtaining a permit from the Board.

34. Operate remote or radio controlled model airplanes or toys. Golf, skate, skateboard, rollerblade, ride a horse, camp, or launch rockets. Swimming, boating, and fishing are restricted to areas designated for said activities.


1. A Lake Villa Township Park Sticker is required on the lower corner of the windshield on the passenger side of all vehicles parked in the desidnated parking areas at the following Parks:     

    • Sand Lake Boat Launch, 37533 N. Granada, Lake Villa    
    • Lake Miltmore Park, 20959 W. Genoa, Lake Villa
    • Lake Miltmore Beach, 36745 N. Nathan Hale, Lake Villa     
    • Lake Miltmore Boat Launch, 21033 W. Paradise Lane, Lake Villa

      These stickiers are available at the township office for residents and seasonal residents who present proof of residency.

2. Parking Retrictions:

(a) Parking of vehicles is permitted only during park hours in specifically designated areas.  No vehicle shall be parked (i) in any area not so designated, or (ii) in any designated parking area during  hours that the Park is not open.

(b) Parking a vehicle on a roadway or driveway in such manner as  to leave available less than 20 feet of width of the driveway for free movement of vehicular traffic is prohibited, except with respect to one-way driveways where such limitation shall be 10 feet.

(c) Double parking of any vehicle on any driveway is prohibited unless directed by a park official.

(d) Parking on any driveway or road in any park area is prohibited between the hours of sunset and 8:00 A.M.2. Except for unusual and unforeseen emergencies, Parks shall be open to residents of Lake Villa Township and their guests during designated hours.The opening and closing hours for each       individual park shall be posted therein for public information. Hours for general park use shall be from day-break until sunset unless otherwise posted.

3. Except for anusual and unforeseen emergencies, Parks shall be open to residents of Lake Villa Township and their guests during designated hours. The opening and closing hours for each individual Park shall be posted therein for public information. Hours for general park use shall be from day-break until sunset unless otherwise posted.

4. Any section or part of any Park, including ponds and beaches, may be declared closed to the public by the Town Board at any time for any intervals (daily or otherwise) in the Board’s sole discretion.

5. The Town Board may set reasonable fees for any recreational or  instructional programs provided by the Township in any Park.


A permit from the Town Board shall be obtained by township residents in order to reserve areas for the following park activities: picnics, meetings, and use of ball fields.

1. A person seeking issuance of a permit shall be a resident of Lake Villa Township and shall file an application with the Designee.  The application shall state where applicable:

(a) The name and address of applicant.

(b) The name and address of the person, corporation or  association sponsoring the activity, if any.

(c) The day and hours for which the permit is desired.

(d) The area for which the permit is desired.

(e) An estimate of the anticipated attendance.

(f) Any other information which the Town Board shall find reasonably necessary to a fair determination as to whether a permit should be issued hereunder.                     

2. The Designee shall issue a permit hereunder so long as:

(a) The proposed activity or use of the Park shall not reasonably interfere with or detract from the general public enjoyment of the Park.                       

(b) The proposed activity and use will not reasonably interfere with or detract from the promotion of public health or safety.

(c) The proposed activity or use is not reasonably anticipated to incite violence, crime or disorderly conduct.

(d) The proposed activity will not entail unusual, extraordinary or burdensome expense.

(e) The facilities desired have not been reserved for other use at the day and hour stated in the application.

3. Any person whose application is denied shall have the right to appeal in writing to the Town Board, which shall consider the application under the standards set forth in subsection (2) hereof and sustain or overrule the Designee’s decision at the next regular Town Board Meeting.  The decision of the Town Board shall be final. 

4. A permittee shall be bound by all park rules and regulations and all applicable ordinances fully as though the same were inserted in said permits.   

5. The Designee, or the Town Board may, in its sole discretion require permittee to hire an off-duty police officer to patrol  the park area during any scheduled event for which a permit is issued.

6. The person to whom a permit is issued shall be liable for any loss, damage, or injury to any park property, or to any person or individual.  The Town Board shall require a security deposit of not less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) nor more than Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) to apply against any damages, loss or injury to park property. 

 7. The Town Board shall have the authority to revoke a permit upon a finding of violation of any rule or ordinance, or upon good cause shown.