Lake Villa Township

Lake County is divided into 18 geographic subdivisions called Townships.  Each Township is comprised of two separate government entities; The Road District and Township which are separate taxing districts.  Townships are managed by eight officers elected to a four year term as follows: Supervisor, Clerk, Assessor, four Trustees and Highway Commissioner.  The Supervisor, Clerk (non-voting member), and Trustees serve as the Township Board and are the legislative branch of the township government.  The duties of the Township Officers are limited to those powers specifically provided for in the State Statutes or necessarily implied from the grant of power. 

The Supervisor is the Township’s Chief Executive Officer who oversees the day to day operations of township government.  He or she is responsible for the township funds and serves as treasurer for both the Township and the Road District.  The Supervisor administers the State mandated program of General Assistance. 

The Clerk is the custodian of the township records.  He or she is responsible for keeping accurate records of all Township Board meetings as well as ex-officio clerk for the Highway Commissioner.  The Clerk is responsible for posting and publishing all ordinances and notices of both the Township and the Road District. 

The Assessor is responsible for appraising real property and maintaining property record cards on all parcels in the Township. 

The Trustees are the legislative arm of the Township.  In addition to setting policy and procedures, the Trustees audit all bills and pass the annual budgets of the Township, Assessor, and Road District. 

The Highway Commissioner is responsible for construction and maintenance of all roads and bridges that are not part of the Federal, State, County or Municipal Road Systems.